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'Madden NFL 16' Skills Trainer Promises To Be Deeper Than Even Before, Gauntlet Mode Returns

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 7:42:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

With a release just a few weeks away, EA Sports has now revealed just how deep the skills trainer mode will be in "Madden NFL 16."

"Returning to 'Madden NFL 16' is Skills Trainer, a mode that teaches players new game mechanics and basic 'Madden NFL' skills. 'Madden NFL 16' builds on this foundation by bringing up the total content to more than 60 tutorials and drills, including a brand new set of tutorials," read a blog post.

While the skills trainer mode has always offered a good refresher course for experienced players, it hasn't done the best job at helping new players, and EA Sports hopes to change that.

"The team set out this year to build a Skills Trainer experience with those players in mind. Players entering Skills Trainer on Rookie or Pro will see an additional set of tutorials called, 'Help! I am new to Madden.'"

"Our team found that Skills Trainer would often ask the player to do something while referring to an on-field player position. Without this knowledge, players struggled with some of the in-game tutorials.

"That is why we made a concentrated effort to give the player that base knowledge before he/she starts playing the rest of Skills Trainer."

The development team also hopes "Madden 16's" skills trainer can teach gamers about real-world NFL concepts.

"Skills Trainer also expands on teaching real world football concepts and strategy. Drop in and learn about the best way of attacking coverages, or how to properly execute pass concepts.

"The real-world section of Skills Trainer has been expanded to include a section on run concepts. A lot of 'Madden' players call run plays without knowing what to look for in order make the play as effective as possible.

"This year, we break down some of the most popular run concepts (outside zone, inside zone, power, trap, etc.), and show you where on the field you should run based on blocking, and how the defense reacts."

Also making a return in "Madden NFL 16" is the Gauntlet mode. According to EA Sports, while the mode was a fan favorite, "less than 200 people have been able to complete all 40 levels."

EA hopes to make the mode a little less daunting by introducing extra lives.

"This year, we’ve added balance by giving players extra life challenges. The levels appear at random, and allow players to earn an extra life by completing the challenge. There are also some new surprised thrown in, including ladder challenges (think Chutes and Ladders) and randomized boss levels. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Gauntlet," read the blog post.

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