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"Madden NFL 16" Presentation Details Revealed: Dynamic Feedback, Authentic Apparel And More

Sunday, July 12, 2015 10:07:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

Leading up to the Aug. 25 release date of "Madden NFL 16," EA Sports has been consistently revealing new features and game updates. The latest reveal includes an overhaul to the game's presentation.

According to the latest blog post, the "Madden" team has strived for a realistic presentation but also added some of their own features.

"Like millions of other fans, watching games on TV is how I became a fan of the NFL. So, we decided to create cameras that are grounded in reality, but are also not possible in broadcast. Thus, 'On the Field' cameras were born. These cameras are close in proximity to the players during their biggest moments, including touchdowns, sacks, and even as two players from opposing teams are jawing at each other," read the post.

The blog post also revealed information about Dynamic Feedback, a feature that will allow player's accomplishments to pop up in real-time. According to the post, the new feature will allow less distraction.

"Another way we use Augmented UI is with instant stats and feedback around our players on the field. 'Madden' players can now easily see which milestones they achieved by seeing their accomplishments in a 3D space," the post stated. "This new dynamic feedback system is a big interface improvement that shows important stats without distracting players with popups."

"Madden NFL 16" will also include authentic apparel for everyone in the crowd and media characters.

"In 'Madden NFL 16,' everybody in the crowd and on the sidelines wears official apparel from the NFL Shop, including jackets, long sleeves, winter hats, and other weather-appropriate gear. No more media wearing shorts and kneeling in snow this year! The sideline media are also wearing the appropriate colored media vests based on whether they work for broadcast television, NFL Films, or as a photographer," read the post.

"Madden NFL 16" will be available Aug. 25 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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