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Let mmorog tell you the latest rumors about nba 2k17

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 9:35:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

The NBA 2K16 has not been out in the market for long enough to have its feet wet and yet there are rumors that the 2K sports company is already planning for the release of NBA 2K17. This will definitely excite the avid gamers who will be waiting anxiously to see what the new installment of this wonderful game series will bring. There are also some concerns among some gamers that the game developers might shift all their attention in developing the NBA 2K17 at the expense of the current game version. They fear that game developers will no longer give preference to improving the NBA 2K16 game that has some bugs and other issues that ought to be addressed urgently.

nba 2k17 legend edition cover

Further from the impending new release, the NBA 2K16 remains to be a great game with its improved quality and presentation. It is a well known fact to everyone concerned that the development team of this game put a lot of work in developing it. However, it still has some few chinks that need to be sorted out to make it a wonderful game.

Currently, there is a major patch that will be the third one to be released soon. This particular patch is widely expected to touch on some of these issues affecting the game balance like blocking. This is one of the most apparent issues that most gamers have criticized a lot lately and they can only wait for this patch to be released in order to see if it will address these pertinent issues. It also remains a matter of speculation on whether the future patches that will possibly be released will address the other issues that gamers have complained about in the past concerning this game. This fact remains a thorny issue and game developers ought to pay proper attention to the NBA 2K16 before they shift their focus on their upcoming installment. This is due to the myriad of complaints that players have suggested.

nba 2k17 rumors

It is likely that the new patch will include some locker codes and its release is expected to be within the coming weeks. This will manage to keep it afloat before the game development team will transition to the game offering of 2017. It is assumed that if the 2K Sports has come to a point where they have exhaustively dealt with all the bugs that bedevil the NBA 2K16, then they can talk about the next offering. If they have not done so, then it would be imperative for them to listen to what the gamers say.

There are a number of suggestions that are on the message board and they range from some reasonable and also outrageous suggestions that 2K Sports have to note. However, they will only be able to incorporate the pitches that are realistic rather than the wishful thinking of some fans who pitch insane ideas. In a nutshell, the real issues at hand ought to be limited to the NBA 2K16 for now. Patch 3 will be widely expected to be out in the coming two weeks in the case of PS4 as well as the Xbox 1 version. Avid gamers can only hope that this patch will address all the issues reported to be ailing the game.

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