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Learn the madden mobile game tips and get win in the game

Monday, May 9, 2016 6:34:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Published by EA sports, Madden mobile is an American football video game that is based on the national Football league. It was released for android and iOS platforms both of which have the same features. However, just like any other mobile games, it has tips and tricks for success. The following are madden mobile tips that will help you move up in the game.

madden mobile game tips 2016

To begin with, if you can, use a large screen like a tablet since the on screen buttons will be spaced enabling you to swipe without blocking the entire screen.

1. Core gameplay

You begin this game with borderline and benchwarmers starters and as you move up the game, you will get better players until you get a roaster that can contend for the super bowl. Therefore, you will spend a considerable amount of time as a manager trying to build the roaster.

Your currency is in cash which you will pay with gold coins and real money and unless you spending cash to win a game, do not open the wallet for Madden NFL mobile.

Your currencies to use are cash (which you'll pay for using real money) and gold coins.

2. Building your roster

After going through the obligatory tutorial, opening the first pack of cards and auto managing the depth chart, you will have the first look of the team.

Based on your franchise, you might have one highly ranked and recognizable face in the high 70 or low 80 but the rest of the team will be ranked in the 60s and low 70s, mostly players that you have never seen. This should not be a problem as you can transform the entire team in a few days. You can use madden mobile coins to buy the game players in the madden ah.

After assessing the weaknesses and strength of your team, go to the live auctions and browse the available players to improve the team. However, do not spend a lot of coins upgrading players for only 5 or 6 points.

 3. Tips on spending coins

This is a core management issue. The following tips will help you get points:

· Stats and achievements

As you poke the different parts of the app and go through the tutorial, you get awarded coins. Also if you unlock achievements, you get more coins.

· Daily drills and game

If you do not have time but do not want to fall behind, ensure you set aside 10 minutes for daily games and drills. The coin bonuses are not only sweet but will also keep you sharp for game time.

· Live events

These are head to head events with amazing prizes for the top performers. You should always check them out.

4. How to get Better players

There are many ways that you can improve your roaster. Here is the best way to spend the coins.

· Live auctions

This game has a robust auction system where you can pick and sell players. The prices depend on a player’s rating but there are bargains. However, getting a good player with a good deal is not easy. To get the best deal, pick and prod and as with other auctions, bid late to win.

learn madden mobile game tips from mmorog

· Card Packs

You can also build your team through luck of the draw. After buying card packs, you get a pack of players with different positions and ratings.

The good thing of starting with card packs is that you will get a roster with holes to fix and you can only go up.

5. Defense game tips

· Change players if needed

It is important to change players when pursuing the tackle or when you get blocked, do not leave it on the computer to make the play.

· Master the interception swipe. 

When an opponent throws the ball in the midair, swipe the commands that gets to the middle of the screen. If you do this on time, the defender gets defense bonus and it will most likely get an interception.

· Play man to man. 

Man to man defense buys you time if the defense is not horrific. This gives you time to make a big play and rush the passer. Now you have everything you need to have a successful Madden NFL Mobile game play. If you like football, you should give it a try.


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