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Julio Jones Appears In Madden NFL '16 Commercial

Sunday, August 23, 2015 6:48:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Atlanta Falcons star wide-receiver Julio Jones can now add actor/superhero to his resume after appearing in Madden NFL ’16’s latest viral commercial.

The commercial, which resembles a trailer for a B-movie crossed with a Michael Bay film, stars Julio Jones alongside Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. In the trailer, Julio Jones assumes the persona of “Trick Montalban”, a high flying, daredevil action hero aiding Dave Franco on his quest to rescue his girlfriend Trish (played by WWE star A.J. Lee) from an unnamed villain by challenging him to a game of Madden.

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In order to defeat the villain, Franco’s character, Blade Johnson, along with Janet (portrayed by Mintz-Plasse) recruit an All-Star Team of NFL talent to help them train to win the game. These stars include Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski (Half-Top), Antonio Brown (Sticky Buns), Bill’s Head Coach Rex Ryan (Lil Pepper) and Colin Kaepernick (Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman).

The trailer reaches a level of absurdity that is absolutely to die for, especially when Julio Jones is showcased karate-chopping  an assassin for around 10 seconds. The trailer exclaims, “impossible to unwatch”. Take a look.

As a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, it is always great to see one of your favorite players being showcased on the national stage, especially in a pop culture phenomenon such as the Madden videogame series. Despite the absurdity of this commercial, all fans of the Falcons should love Jones’s antics during the video.

There is even a glimpse before the trailer ends of Julio Jones and his videogame rendition catching a ball in a Falcons uniform. I know it is not wise to read into simple things such as this, but it is encouraging to see Julio Jones wearing an Atlanta Falcons uniform while in game. Perhaps it means that despite not hearing much of his ongoing contract negotiations with the Falcons over the past couple of weeks, the talks are progressing well enough to show Jones still wearing red and black.

Maybe I’m just going a little overboard reading into this commercial, but I think Julio Jones will be signed long-term by the beginning of the season. Both Jones and owner Arthur Blank have expressed a mutual desire to get this deal done, but not to let the negotiations interfere with training camp and the Falcons’ preseason schedule.

So far, Julio Jones has done a remarkable job keeping his play on the field and the extension talks separate; and his play during the preseason has nearly been flawless. Now on top of looking forward to seeing Julio Jones play in the regular season, we can see him guest star in a hilarious commercial for a videogame. 

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Jonathan Savitske