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Jeanie Buss: Lakers organization 'devoted' to helping Lamar Odom

Friday, October 23, 2015 9:03:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Giving more perspective on the type of person Lamar Odom truly is, players like Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul have all paid visits to their former teammate during his hospitalization. The outpouring of support for Odom has been phenomenal to see as everyone is pulling for his recovery.

Odom's condition has improved since his initial hospitalization and is now recovering in a Los Angeles hospital. E! Online has reported that Odom will need "a lot" of rehab to fully recover, and according to Los Angeles Lakers team president Jeanie Buss, his former team will do whatever they can to help him through this process.

"The reports that I'm getting are so positive that he's going to make it through what was a really difficult time," said Buss about Odom on her recent appearance on the Open Run podcast (24-minute mark). "We're, and when I say we're, it's the Laker organization, my family, we're devoted to helping him and however we can as he comes through this, because he is a former Laker, he is a champion with the Lakers and we all love him. To see everybody rally around him was very touching. A lot of people love him and are pulling for him."

Throughout Odom's recent ordeal, the amount of positivity that is directed toward him is amazing. Odom will no doubt need the support and positivity to continue once he is released from the hospital and it sounds like the Lakers and Buss will be doing whatever they can to help their former player through this difficult time.

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