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'Grand Theft Auto V' Mod Brings 'Mass Effect' Reaper Invasion To Los Santos

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 8:01:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

What if a massive Reaper from Mass Effect invaded Los Santos, the fictionalized version of Los Angeles in Grand Theft Auto V?

In case it's been a while or you never played, a quick recap: The Mass Effect trilogy, by developer BioWare, was a science fiction epic about various races across the galaxy (including humans) coming together to fight the mysterious and über-powerful Reapers — gigantic machines that purge the galaxy of all sentient life every 50,000 years.

Gamers have been modding Grand Theft Auto V since it was released, adding all sorts of objects and crazy situations to its huge, open world sandbox. A well-known modder who goes by the handle Berdu takes pro-style photos/screenshots of his mods of various games, which include not just GTA but Battlefield, Just Cause, Need for Speed and more. Berdu's latest mod puts an authentic, to-scale Reaper right into the heart of GTAV's Los Santos.

Berdu posted his impressive work online, including a number of a stylized screenshots that show off the enormous machine hovering over the city, and landing in it as well. The Reaper doesn't attack with powerful energy blasts or kill anyone, as Reapers do in Mass Effect; it's basically a huge decoration. Berdu notes on Flickr that the complex 3D shape of the Reaper made it difficult to reproduce in GTA, so it's "very glitchy" when viewed up close. This is why his screenshots all show the Reaper from a distance.

He also notes that he made it move by having it replace the game's blimp.

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Robin Parrish