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"GTA5" smoke bomb again and when the story mode DLC will come?

Thursday, October 8, 2015 11:19:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

Although long rumored to star in the development of R "GTA5" story mode DLC, but with "GTAOL" 1.29 and massive free mode DLC included with the launch of the event, we still have not seen the delay in its shadow, it can not let the fans do not doubt the authenticity of information, R star has abandoned stand-alone mode is not focused on "GTAOL" out?

So now the situation is a media leak rumors, the official statement to clarify, and then broke the new rumors, in short, "GTA5" story DLC has not exactly news, but R star has never explicitly statement. But it is undeniable demand single-mode content of the story is certainly there, to see how "GTA4" The MOD extended content fiery know.

Now, one of the three main characters, Franklin's voice actor Shawn Fonteno speak out. He had repeatedly molested group of players in his Instagram page, leaving about "GTA5" traces the story mode. Before the rumors he had to participate in "GTA5" story mode of production, but this time we should all be prepared for his words of.

Recently, Shawn shared a "GTA5" game screenshots, which are driving the Franklin evade police capture. But different is on display now see the page is "Shh ... Oh," while pictures just issued to the time to write on the page is "Hush ... This is not particularly like LC?" Here The LC seems to imply Liberty City - Liberty City.

But some Hawkeye fans immediately pointed out that this picture is actually R star once used to promote "GTA5" PC version of the poster. That is nothing new in this picture content.

The most desperate not see hope, but hope to see later found to be false hope. Shawn I hate you.

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