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GTA V’s gangs go to war again

Thursday, February 4, 2016 8:49:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

The GTA V modding community is overflowing with original content and unique, creative projects. All different kinds of mods are constantly conceived by programmers and artists. These range from new game mechanics, through insane vehicles all the way to home made hardware additions. This doesn’t mean that a good idea should not be revisited if the author has some significant improvements in mind though.

GeorgeZhan, creator of the original Arms Trading & Gang Wars mod has gone back and rebuilt it from scratch – and better than ever. The new Gang War mod dubbed “the return” mixes things up a bit and places much more control in the hands of the player.

This time you’re in control of your own GTA V gang. You can customize the weapons, appearance and name of any gang in the game and then participate in various missions. These all pit you and your underlings against a rival gang, however they’re not all run of the mill deathmatches.

Gang War features five customizable game modes, many based on original GTA V mission types. These are Deathmatch, Survival, Gun Master, Single Weapon and Custom Weapon modes, the final two of which can be freely configured.

This mod also pushes the whole “war” thing more so than the predecessor. Here, you can actually make progress and eliminate your rivals, instead of it being a static perpetual conflict.

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