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GTA V meets ...Truck simulator?(mod)

Monday, March 7, 2016 8:16:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

In what must be the single most baffling tendency to befall this kind of sector, recent years have found the gaming community is taken by the simulator genre . Franchises like EuroTruck Simulator are becoming popular.

Not enough sense apart, simulators are popular. In a world where things that are popular frequently clash just by virtue of having overlapping fan bases and therefore being popular now was unavoidable.

Modder LtFlash and supporter of simulator games and both GTA V has taken EuroTruck simulator and ported it over This mod enables one to take on delivery occupations to get a cargo business. You decide your freight, your truck, your point of origin as well as your destination.

The mod has added repair stations that were specific to work with cargo trucks only.

Allowed, we don't have any clue what that motive is, but it's not unpopular. GTA V is usually regarded as a somewhat disorderly game which revels in actions and mayhem, therefore it is not impossible a composure freight run in between rampages is required to break things up a little.


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