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Monday, December 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Bringing the hacking feature from Ubisoft’s ill-received open world vigilante game Watch_Dogs has been reported. The mod initially only contained the blackout hack, but the author has since released a new version with expanded functionality.

All things considered, Watch_Dogs should be seen as a commercial a success, at least, generating considerable profit for Ubisoft and clearing the way for a sequel which seeks to restore the publisher’s and fledgling franchise’s reputation.

The author had previously described some grandiose plans for the future of the mod. However already with the current update, they have brought in several of the hacking features from Watch_Dogs, paving the way for an eventual total conversion mod.

The 0.2a mod adds two new hack features to complement the blackout hack from the previous build. You can now tap into the bank accounts of random civilians around the game world to transfer funds to your own. You’ll also be able to hack into the traffic lights around the city to aid you in your escapes, by causing crashed behind you.

FlushingLocal, the mod’s author, has noted that his plans for the mod include the addition of all the hacking features from Ubisoft’s game, unlockable with skill points, as well as the ctOS tower game mechanic. However, the biggest addition to the mod will be the eventual addition of 12 story missions telling a story not unlike that of Watch_Dogs, but adapted to the setting of GTA V.

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