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Thursday, December 10, 2015 10:27:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

GTA V has collided with the colorful rainbow-happiness Nintendo racing game, Mario Kart.

GTA V has an emphasis on cars. It has an emphasis on car stealing, car buying, car upgrading and various forms of car based violence. It also has an emphasis on car racing, with several game modes being based around competitive vehicular activities. Several Adversary Modes make extensive use of vehicles, and they force players to be the fastest to win. I mean, “auto” is in the game’s title for crying out loud.

Mario is no Michael, and the fat plumber’s exploits rarely result in anyone’s gruesome death, or wanton acts of violence. Despite it and GTA being about as incompatible as you can get, thanks to the power of mods, the two have crossed over in the past.

Now, finally, the modded Kart has a proper track to race on. Modder MrVicho13 has ported the iconic Mario Kart 64 track Yoshi Valley, which was a fan favorite at the time and made a return is several Mario Kart games since.

The GTA V version is a perfect recreation, with the models ripped straight from the Mario Kart 8 files for full authenticity. The mod works by using the FiveM mod package (which is currently still alive, though who knows how!), and can be fully explored. Of course, the experience is only authentic when used with the other Mario Kart mods.

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