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GTA V Community Clamoring For Survival Mode

Thursday, November 12, 2015 10:22:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

GTA V has been graced with a mod effectively turning it into an open-world survival game, with an inventory system, zombies, and the post-apocalyptic scenery to go with it. However, prompted by a Reddit thread asking for an option for lobbies without the radar activated, a number of players have gone off on a tangent regarding how all the mechanics of a standard survival game are present in GTA V.

It would take little effort on Rockstar’s part to make an official survival game on the basis of GTA V. While one can hardly say that GTA V lacks content, players are constantly requesting more and more features.

The discussion cropped up in the comment section of a Reddit discussion regarding the possible addition of the option to deactivate the radar in select lobbies, in order to augment game play, making stealth much more significant.

Commenters went on to discuss how they’d like more freedom in customizing private lobbies, with the option to toggle friendly fire, PEDs, traffic, forced perspective and so on. Then one player mentioned how in GTA IV he’d spawn into an empty world and role play as the survivor of an apocalypse. This comment sent the community off into discussing how the conversion of GTA V into a post-apoc survival game would be both awesome and easy.

The new survival mode would also bring in some serious money for Rockstar. Knowing Rockstar, they would put a sweet twist on such a simple idea either way, making the survivor mode extremely catchy and addictive. The mode itself would be a free DLC update, with in-game supplies being scarce and sold as microtransactions. Boom. Money.

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