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GTA 6 Needs to Improve On GTA 5 in One Way That's Ruining GTA Online!

Monday, June 29, 2015 10:29:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

Ask any fan of Grand Theft Auto and you'll be told that GTA 5 and GTA Online are essentially two separate games. I'm generally not a gamer that engages with the multiplayer aspect of singleplayer games, but due to the popularity of GTA Online, I felt compelled to give it a try. If it wasn't for the extremely long waiting times between races or matches, I'd probably play nothing but GTA Online - well, that and the one issue that's affecting everyone.

GTA 5 is extremely addictive and GTA Online offers a whole new world of content outside of the story of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. But once you arrive online, be it on XBOX One, PS4 or PC, you run into people who seem compelled to ruin your experience of the game and Rockstar need to find a way to combat this in GTA 6!

GTA 6: Rockstar Needs to Find A Way to Combat the Hackers From GTA Online

Though console owners may not be subjected to the degree of hackers that PC gamers are, they're still a prevalent force. Every person I've met who plays GTA Online has been affected by hackers and it's extremely annoying. These are the various ways that gamers have encountered hackers in GTA 5's online mode and there are so many more exploits out there:

Players shoot out money.
Can cause everyone to explode upon spawning.
They can create hacked lobbies.
They can teleport anywhere.
They use exploding rounds or don't need to reload.
Christmas trees, planes and UFOs fall from the sky.
They can literally break your game.
Mods are a lot of fun offline in GTA 5 - they're some of the best fun you can have with the game - but once you enter the online framework you shouldn't be allowed to wreak the same degree of havoc. It's completely frustrating and they've been allowed to run rampant, with Rockstar moving through the hackers at a very slow pace.

Can GTA 6 Surpass GTA 5?

GTA 6 will obviously have massive improvements on GTA 5 - some of which you didn't see coming. But Rockstar really need to focus their efforts on making GTA Online a level playing field for everyone involved. Seeing as I play GTA 5 on PS4, I rarely come into contact with hackers. However, even players on the Xbox 360 and PS3 have complained about the presence of hackers and none of this compares to what the PC community have to put up with.

But what about you guys? Have you had to deal with hackers in GTA 5? Are you still enjoying GTA Online or have hackers altered your perception of it? GTA 6 will hopefully relieve us from the presence of hackers, but we're not so sure. Let us know what you'd like to see done in the comments below!

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