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GTA 5 PC patch update: Story DLC still missing?

Monday, July 27, 2015 1:08:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Rockstar Games announced that it has released a new patch for "GTA 5's" PC version.

According to EuroGamer report, the patch addresses a frame-rate issue which was a side-effect of a previous update, one which was supposed to improve "GTA Online." This issue causes a lower-frame rate among players who played "GTA Online," and this patch was done to address the problem.

Rockstar also took the opportunity to crack down on players using Story Mode mods in "Grand Theft Auto 5." While mods are used to better the game and, at times, make some downright hilarious tweaks; Rockstar seems to be serious in keeping the game true to its core and said its mod policy hasn't changed. Single-player mods weren't a problem—the multiplayer ones are.

However, Rockstar, in their statements, has reiterated they aren't out for players who are using the mods in Story Mode or implementing rules in-game against these mod-users. The aim of the strictness is targeted at making the online gaming experience fair for everyone else.

The Forbes report, however, tries to ask a question about extra content—namely the Story DLC for "GTA 5."

There isn't a peep about a Story DLC from Rockstar Games lately, according to the article, when in the past they've showed themselves capable of coming up with great content. Take "Skyrim" and "Minecraft"—great games and both great examples of how Story DLCs expand upon the available content of a game.

The issue, as the article points out, is that "GTA 5" might be abandoning the Story DLC altogether to focus on multiplayer content for "GTA online," although it does alienate other gamers who are fond of playing single-player, pouring in countless hours on the "GTA 5's" single-player missions. Rockstar also runs the risk of players getting bored with waiting and shifting to other games.

Rockstar Games surely has some tricks under its sleeve, but they'd better act fast before issues like this eat up their company.

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