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Frustrating Situations And Tips On How To Improve League Of Legends ELO Rank

Monday, December 7, 2015 11:11:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Boosting your League of Legends ELO rank is basically the primary way to measure your success in this game. A low rank defines an amateur with poor skills. The higher it is, the more experienced you are. Growing this rank depends on several factors. You can also do it in a few different ways. Of course, what works for some players will not work for everyone else, but some rules are general and likely to help you out. They might seem simple and general at a first glance, yet the truth is that they can actually work on your skills if you forcefully implement them into your style.

Focus on Your Game – Nothing Else

Imagine a poor match in League of Legends. Your thresh has lost your match mostly because it kept suiciding involuntarily. Practically, it was a weak player, so the opposite team has taken advantage of it. Those players have simply done everything they wanted with your thresh. You feel a little upset for losing and not being able to work on the League of Legends ELO rank, but this loss will not ruin your morale. You know that you are stronger than that. You decide to play again and join with a new mentality. But what happens when you end up with exactly the same thresh? Exactly! The thresh that had a poor previous match.

You probably think that the thresh knows it too, so it is not too self confident. It will probably perform even worse this time. You feel let down. You may not know it yet, but you will already play in a different way – only because you have seen that name again. In other words, the game is altered before it even starts. This is one of the most common truths in the gaming industry. You feel fearful when you play, but you also lack the self esteem, so your winning shots are quite low. Change this mentality, but also work on your rank by overcoming this episode. Just buy some ELO boost service from us MMOROG and get back on your feet.

Do not Let Previous Games Influence Your Current Game

You go back into the game. You are still that powerful Graves who tries to carry the match in the ADC role. Your thresh is really week – just like your expectations. You are no longer as “lucky” as in the previous match, so you just flame it. Your Jarvan (which is 0-2 anyway) tells you one of those things that flaming will not help you achieve anything. Too late – you are already upset. This is the second good match when your work is not rewarded. Moreover, it is qualified to be negative in the League of Legends ELO rank.

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