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'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD' Gets PC Release Date and Pre-Order Bonus

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 6:27:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

“Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” is coming to Windows PC through Steam on Aug. 18 with a number of graphics improvements from the console versions and a pre-order bonus. The game is an HD remake of the PSP original, which was eventually ported to the PS4 and Xbox One by game publisher Square Enix.

For those unaware, “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” has been labeled as one of the more mature games in the series due to its focus on war and how it affects the people involved in them. Players control a group of students who are forced to partake in a war and grow up faster, as the war changes them for better or worse.

Gematsu listed a number of features that will be exclusive to the “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” PC version. These include an improved camera for the game’s battles, the ability to scale the game’s motion blurs, more blood, full controller support, Steam achievements and a much higher graphics resolution for high-end computers. This ensures PC users of the sharpest-looking version of the game to date.

According to a report from Polygon, those who pre-order the game will get a 10 percent discount on the game. There are also some rather interesting bonuses, such as a Master Chocobo as a courier and a Class Zero Moogle as a ward for “Defense Of The Ancients 2” (DOTA 2).

The PC version of the game was originally announced in June and was seen as a way for Square Enix to increase its presence to PC gamers. This is likely due to the fact that Square Enix’s massive online game “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” made plenty of revenue for the company and has led to several “Final Fantasy” games to get re-released in Steam like “Final Fantasy XIII.”

PC users interested in the title can pre-order “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” right now on Steam. The game is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One in retail and digital stores.

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