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FIFA 17, does this one is the best FIFA game for you

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 6:09:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

Time has come to gear up for the upcoming season of football and experience bliss with the release of FIFA 17. EA Sports have confirmed the release date of FIFA 17 on September 27 in North America and on September 29 across the globe. This also certifies that the wait for the year’s most anticipated football video game is soon to come to an end.

FIFA 17 will be published for several major gaming platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Unlike the previous editions of the game, the new edition will feature different ambassadors and cover athletes in likes of Eden Hazard, James Rodriguez, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus. EA Sports have also designed several additional features that are assured to augment your gaming experience.

The star attraction of the game is that FIFA 17 has used the Frostbite game engine that is responsible for the sensational graphics in the Battlefield series and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Since EA Sports have been working with Frostbite for the past two years, this game is bound to attract gamers who are fond of the high graphics in the Battlefield series.

Essentially the most amazing addition will be the role-playing experience set within the game. The journey begins with the gamer playing the role of Alex Hunter, an evolving footballer trying to make his influence felt in the English Premier League. The story takes you to Alex’s childhood and his struggle to develop as a footballer. The gameplay gradually builds up rivalries with other clubs and a warm friendship with Gareth Walker. If you want find the cheap price of fifa 17 coins, you can click here to see them at

FIFA 17 will also consist of a new active intelligence system which will improve the positioning of the players, thus enabling them to take more shrewd actions by interpreting the graded variation in Space key. It will also feature new attacking techniques, excellent on-field gameplay and updated celebration styles. This makes up the improved functionality of dribbling, passing, shooting and tackling.


In the newest edition of the game series, EA Sports have focused more on player distinctiveness. This not includes the outlook of the players but also their unique styles and personalities. Every notable player will have their unique course of attacking, dribbling, free kicks and celebration. The Frostbite game engine further makes the players look more realistic than ever before and every scouted youth players look unique unlike the earlier editions. Consequently, the overall game will create whole-body capture of the performance of the players improved with the latest animation technology. You are assured to find three times more quality animations than FIFA 16 and the development group has been doing away with most of the first contact mistakes.

The last good news awaits for all Asian football fanatics. For the first time in the history of EA Sports FIFA, it will feature the J1 League and the J. League Cup exclusively from Japan in the manager mode. So FIFA lovers from Japan can gear themselves up to build a squad of their dreams in their favorite Japanese Football Club.

FIFA 17 is indeed going to be a major attraction this year for all gamers. With so many advanced features, the game is all set to take you through an amazing journey of animated football. Such features will also enable EA Sports to secure a new set of fans who would indeed love to play the game.

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