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‘FIFA 16’ to Give Gamers the Ability to Make Lionel Messi’s Signature Move!

Sunday, July 5, 2015 8:17:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

Game developer EA Sports has announced a new feature to its upcoming football simulation video game “FIFA 16” that had gamers really excited. Apparently, the game will already give players the ability to make the signature sleek move of Argentinian football superstar Lionel Messi.

The move is referred as ‘No Touch Dribbling,’ which the second best football player in the world mastered and continues to show while currently playing for Barcelona in the Spanish premier league La Liga BBVA.

In the video game, the move makes the player temporarily let the ball stand and change the direction of his stance. The player will fake his run and then head into a certain direction before going back into the ball, details the Vine Report.

In order to motion-capture the move and included into the game, EA Sports actually had to ask Lionel Messi to demonstrate it a couple of times. Using state-of-the-art technology, the developer was able to perfectly recreate the football superstar’s patented move in the video game.

The new move will give players of “FIFA 16” the most realistic feel of doing the ‘No Touch Dribbling’ move of Lionel Messi in the game.

EA Sports actually went as far as posting a video on YouTube where Messi was demonstrating his ‘No Touch Dribbling’ move. The video shows Messi explaining how the move is really done. He says that he does it first by faking to the left or right and then heading to the direction of the defender. Messi said the idea is to wrong-foot his defender so that he can gain an advantage.

Messi went on to say that when footballers are playing face to face, there is always more room for the offensive player to maneuver because he has more chances to break away in any direction.

The good news for gamers of “FIFA 16” is that the move shall not be exclusive to the Lionel Messi character in the video game but also to any other player that the gamer chooses.

LeBron James makes the vote

Meanwhile, the search for the other football superstar who will be joining Lionel Messi in the cover of “FIFA 16” has gotten very interesting when NBA superstar LeBron James casted his vote in favor of Liverpool star Jordan Henderson, reports Goal.

James posted his vote via his Facebook page endorsing the English player for the precious opportunity to make it to the cover of “FIFA 16.”

LeBron’s vote has shades of business ring to it as well since he is a minor shareholder of the Anfield football club.

While it do seem at the moment that Henderson is winning the voting over competitors Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane, and Thibaut Courtois, his likely victory is already creating dissent and appears to be turning off fans and gamers of “FIFA 16.”

A good number of these fans have made their sentiments heard on social media last month, mostly threatening to boycott or not buy the “FIFA 16” if Henderson makes it to the cover with Messi.

It’s really ironic among UK fans considering that Henderson appears to be getting the most number of votes yet for some reason, he is also getting quite a flak from English fans of “FIFA 16.”

The front cover of the “FIFA” video game franchise has become synonymous with the world’s best footballers and the likes of Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, and Ronaldinho have previously appeared on the UK version of the game in the past.

Wayne Rooney has been on the cover of “FIFA” video games for seven years while current cover boy Lionel Messi has been gracing the front cover since 2013 and “FIFA 16” would be his fourth consecutive year for the franchise. Last season, Messi was joined by Eden Hazard in the front cover of “FIFA 15.”

Female national teams

For the first time in 22 years after it first launched “FIFA”, EA Sports announced late in May that it will include female national teams to the franchise.


“FIFA 16” will feature a dozen football squads from countries such as England, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.

EA Sports boss David Rutter announced that as much as fans are excited about having female national teams included in the game, they are likewise delighted on the prospect of bringing a new way to play to millions of gamers.

He said that bringing some of the best women’s players and teams in the world to “FIFA 16” is a major achievement for EA Sports.

Rutter added that they are making sure gamers get an authentic experience when playing with Women’s National Teams through EA Sports’ innovative player capture and reference tools as well as its sophisticated gameplay platform which the developer continues to improve.

While EA Sports has yet to confirm the release date for the latest iteration of its highly-successful football simulation video game “FIFA 16,” the release dates on seven key regions of the world starting on September 22 has already been published early in June.

Accordingly, “FIFA 16” would hit the North American market on September 22 before it gets to three different regions two days later. It will make it to the retail markets on September 24 in Australia, Europe, and Latin America except Brazil.

On September 25, it will roll out to the United Kingdom and a little over two weeks later or on October 8, it will hit the retail markets of Japan and Brazil.

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