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FIFA 16 Top 8 Upgrade Features

Thursday, June 18, 2015 1:16:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

EA Sports has managed to improve their top selling game FIFA for every installment over the last few years.

On Monday, EA released the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 16 and front what we’ve seen, gamers can expect improve graphics. The release of Xbox One and PS4 last year also gave EA a better platform to improve the game’s graphics and gameplay.

For FIFA 15, the company placed a lot of attention on attacking while the defense and the midfield gameplay experience was left behind. That resulted in an imbalance gameplay that is simply not realistic.

So far there are 8 major improvements and upgrade for FIFA 16 and most of them are in the midfield and defending.

1. No Touch Dribbling.

Full FIFA spoke about “No Touch Dribbling” briefly in this post. But in case your wondering think Lionel Messi jogging behind the ball without touching it and then making a sharp turn to the left or right and accelerating.

For this new dribble system, EA Sports captured the FC Barcelona striker’s movement using their high tech motion capture cameras.

2. Clinical Finishing.

EA has also announced that they have drastically improved their shooting mechanics to allow player to take better shots and score more quality goals. Let’s hope EA fix the issue of those unrealistic goals we’ve been seeing floating around on YouTube.

FIFA 16 cross

3. Dynamic Crossing.

According to EA Sports announcement on Monday, Dynamic Crossing allows the crosser and the attacker to change their movement and positioning. EA aim is to make the player movements more realistic.

4. Passing With Purpose.

Perhaps the developers at EA are liking Barcelona’s style of football so much that they have developed a new passing system to mimic it. In a statement, EA says their new passing mechanics will allow players to make sharp incisive passes to pick out their teammates with precision. Those players who like to have a high percentage of the ball will like this.

5. Interception Intelligence.

If you play FIFA a lot you will know that it can be frustrating to be switching the cursor from players to players and even more frustrating when a player that your not controlling make a mistake that results in a goal.

EA is attempting to fix that with Interception Intelligence where players that ur not controlling will better anticipate passes and shut down your opponents options. EA main aim here is to make the game more authentic.

6. Defend As A Unit.

In FIFA 15, EA core focus was on attacking but for FIFA 16 that could all change as the game maker aims to plug some major flaw in their defensive mechanics. One of the new feature the company is touting is “Defend As A Unit” where the defensive players will have more intelligence in marking players and avoid opening up space for the attacking team.

FIFA-16 tackle

7. Defense Agility.

Another defensive feature is “Defense Agility” where EA added 25 new features to help your defensive players close down attacking opponents especially in one on one situations. The new mechanics give defenders more freedom to move around and stay with attacking opponents.

8. New Tackling Fundamentals.

In FIFA 16 gone are the days when a striker will leave your defender laying on the field after a missed slide tackle. With the “New Tackling Fundamentals” allow players to stop slide tackle midway if they realize it will be a failed attempt. Defenders can better recover from missed slide tackles faster and chase down the attacker.

Defenders also now have the ability to fake tackle and frustrate attackers to make a decision allowing them to make more accurate tackle and win the ball. There is also a new feature for In-Air tackle that will help players defend against crosses.

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