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FIFA 16 - These Gameplay Issues From FIFA 15 Better Be Gone!

Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:11:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

FIFA 16 is just around the corner. The next step in football simulation will get its release date for the XBOX One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on September 22nd. While we're excited to see what has been updated and finally see women's football represented in the series (even if some people aren't happy with it), we're also cautiously optimistic. Every problem that EA fixes with FIFA seems to create something new and we seriously hope FIFA 16 doesn't come with a bunch of new frustrating issues.

There's a whole list of gameplay elements that hold FIFA 15 back from being the best game it could possibly be. Therefore, if FIFA 16 replicates these issues on its release date, there are going to be some seriously infuriated fans. Here is the list of gameplay features we really hope FIFA 16 has fixed!

FIFA 16 Better Not Take These Problems From FIFA 15!

At the outset, FIFA 15 seems like the epitome of football simulation. However, after an extended period of time with the game a lot of frustrating design choices crop up. The AI can be intensely frustrating at times and I'm sure we'll all have our pet peeve when it comes to FIFA 16. But I really hope these issues aren't replicated.


Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 are very peculiar. There are moments of intense frustration as they stare at a ball go into the back of the net that a child could have saved. Then there are world-class shots on goal that are miraculously saved by seemingly inhuman feats. They have become a lot more realistic in FIFA 15, but we really hope that the AI is improved rather than leaving a save to a matter of programmed chance.

Latency Issues

Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 are...sorry...latency issues in FIFA 15 are a real problem. They are nowhere near as bad as they were on the game's initial release date, but I've still encountered frustrating moments of lag. FIFA 16 needs to ensure that its servers are up to scratch in September or there will be a lot of frustrated players out there for EA to contend with.


One thing that the FIFA games have never been able to replicate is good commentating. After a while, hearing the same quips over and over again or hearing some absolutely asinine comments on what's happening on the pitch became so frustrating online that I turned commentating off. I seriously hope they can step up this element of the game - I want to enjoy their comments as much as I enjoy playing the beautiful game!


Probably the biggest issue in FIFA 15 is defending. There's absolutely no midfield game in EA's latest football sim and tactical defending is often the reason for that. It can be so difficult to actually take the ball off a player at times in FIFA 15, even when you're hunting down a striker for five minutes. It's unfairly balanced. And of course if you do eventually get the ball off your target the ref can't wait to send you off anyway!


Can we fix this? PLEASE? It's embarrassing to see world class players get stuck on one another's legs as they struggle to see where the hell they are in the world. It's great to see EA bringing in a realistic collision system but often it leads to some ridiculous moments of frustration. Laurel and Hardy should not be on the pitch in FIFA 16.

Don't Be As Close to FIFA 15 As it Was to FIFA 14

For a yearly franchise, FIFA 15 made very little progress in terms of expanding on what FIFA 14 gave us. So many of the same problems stuck around and with Konami making massive strides every year with their PES franchise, FIFA 15 looked like it wasn't even trying in some ways. We don't just want little touch ups here and there. We want an overhaul and we want the best FIFA installment to date. There has to be a reason to return to a yearly franchise.

So what about you guys? What really frustrates you in FIFA 15 that you want to see obliterated in FIFA 16? Be sure to let us know in the comments and whether you're excited to pick up the latest step in football simulation!

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Kenny McDonnell