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Cristiano Ronaldo annoys everyone in Grand Theft Auto V

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 7:50:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

If Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in Grand Theft Auto V, he’d wreak havoc using nothing more than his swagger and a football. That's what this clever video from TheFifa11videos shows us.

In it, Ronaldo roams the streets of Los Santos armed with his football. The video creator uses Ronaldo’s FIFA model and Cinema4d, putting him in a variety of fairly typical scenarios for a Grand Theft Auto game.

He enjoys what Los Santos has to offer, causes problems for residents, creates traffic jams, and even performs some tricks for his own entertainment. The local residents don't seem so impressed. We particularly like him scaring everyone at the beach.

Unfortunately, there’s no mod available, so you can only dream of playing Grand Theft Auto V as Ronaldo. Until someone makes it a reality, this video will have to do.

The real Ronaldo seems like a much nicer guy, even if he still makes a mockery of people with his skills. Most people, unlike those who inhabit Los Santos, are more starstruck by the Real Madrid footballer though.

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Jonathan Chew