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Catch the Memories in New Timewalking Dungeons in World of Warcraft

Monday, October 26, 2015 8:32:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Remember the time that we were fighting in the 80 dungeons getting prepared for the Lich King?

Remember that remarkable weapon that shocked the whole guild for weeks?

I have gone back to fight with the help of timewalking. This system is now available for player reaching 100 levels and they will join in new timewalking dungeons at the set level (that is 80) with the present ability and equipment weakened to the same level. The system will upgrade all equipment from boss in these dungeon to GS no less than 660, same as those in Heroic dungeons of current version. As for the coming patch 6.2.3 six dungeons of Cataclysm will join in: Grim Batol, Stonecore, Lost City of Tol’vir, The Vortex Pinnacle, Throne of Tides, and End Time.

Further more, Valor is coming back. And its function is back: player can use it to upgrade +5 item levels with 250 for an item; Hellfire Citadel items, Dungeon loot, Baleful items, and crafted items can each be upgraded twice, costing a total of 500 Valor for +10 item levels; weekly cap on Valor is removed but the source is limited:

Mythic Dungeon (Valor awarded with dungeon completion, once per dungeon per week) – 300 Valor Points

Complete the weekly Event quest from Seer Kazal (Pet Battle Event excluded) – 500 Valor Points
Heroic Dungeon (complete your first random Heroic of the day) – 100 Valor Points

Raid Finder wing (once per week per wing) – 150 Valor Points for Hellfire Citadel wings, 75 Valor Points for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry wings

Patch 6.2.3 will be making its way onto the PTR soon, and at BlizzCon 2015 next month we may hear something about designs of World of Warcraft's next version.

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