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Brand New Points On FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Mode

Sunday, October 16, 2016 6:26:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

FIFA 17 features a new mode known as FUT Champions, which is closely similar to Online Tournaments. If you win a Daily Knockout tournament, you get a chance to take part in the Weekend League- and in the Weekend League you can win as many matches as possible from a certain number of fixtures. The wins attract rewards that can help grow your team for the next competition.

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An impressive performance in the Weekend League moves you some notches high up in the Monthly Leaderboard tiers and possibly merit you to receive some exclusive FUT Champion items. Things are much sweeter if you actually dominate as you can then qualify for the real-life competition which is the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

The Basics of FUT

To build a squad, you gather packs of players and other pertinent items such as kits, staff, stadiums, club crests, and use them to build a squad. You can use the squad in both online and offline modes, and it can have players from any league on the game. With the random collection of players, you take part in various tournaments and competitions. Each feat will earn you coins to strengthen your team or squad.

While some people play as collectors, others work to build the ultimate team. But in either case, it is compelling and time-consuming. The ideal way of jumping into the FUT is through the use of the Draft Mode. The Draft Mode lets you generate a random choice of cards from which you can pick your line-up for a four-game tournament- which you can have either online or offline.

Player Ratings

FUT divides players into three categories according to their adeptness and ability. There are Bronze, Gold and Silver players. Gold is the best player rating and it is awarded to any player with a rating of 75 or higher. Bronze means the player has a rating of 64 or below. However, that doesn’t mean you go looking for Gold players only. In fact, some online tournaments feature entry restrictions that could compel you to use Bronze or Silver players only.

Each of these divisions is further subdivided into Normal, Rare and In Form cards. The In Form cards features stat boosts to players who do amazingly well in real life. They are updated weekly through FIFA’s Team of the Week.

Building a Team

You ought to be strategic in your choice of line-up as their performance usually depends on how best they can work together. Therefore, consider the relationship and familiarity of the players in the lineup as well as the division played in. If two players in your lineup gel well, there’ll be a green link between them to indicate so. A yellow link shows an average connection while red indicates that there is little or no connection.

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The Transfer Market

There is a transfer market where you can buy and sell players using FIFA Coins. There is a 5% FUT tax for any sale. You may also buy players in the trading area using real cash instead of the in-game coins you get through matches.

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