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A Clear And Precise Look At Changing Controls Of Your NBA 2K16 Game

Friday, May 13, 2016 11:45:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

NBA2K16 is a simulation game for all basketball fanatics that is published by 2K sports and developed by Visual Concepts. It is actually the successor of NBA 2K15.

The main purpose of this article is to clearly show you how to change controls in nba 2k16.

change controls nba 2k16

Change Controls In NBA 2K16

First Method
You first have to disconnect your internet connection but only if your 2K16 is a legit copy.
1.You should first hold the windows key +R, type %appdata% , go to 2K Sports and then go to your 2K16 controller option. Check available files then delete them.
2. You should then run your NBA 2K16 game.
3. You can then run the trainer as the admin.
4. Press the F7 button and go to NBA 2K16.
5. You can now edit the controls by going to the control configuration option.
6. Right click on your mouse to save your changes and then press Yes.
7. Don't exit your trainer and 2K16 before you hold and press the Windows key +R . Type %appdata%, go to 2K Sports, and then to your 2K16 controller option. You should then carefully delete the file that you find in your controllers.
8. You can now exit your trainer .
9. You now also have the permission to exit your 2K16.
10. Finally, start the game without the trainer so as to see if it is working effectively.

You can also start the whole process again from step 1 , if you want to edit the controls of your keyboard.

Before changing the control of your keyboard, it is worth noting down that no USB game pad should be plugged in. If a USB game pad is plugged in, you will experience technical difficulties like blank controls in your keyboard which are mapped in the game.

Second Method
The steps below may be a little confusing but with a little determination , you should be able to do just fine.

1. You should first download the AutoHotKey and ensure that it is installed in your device.
2. You should then right click on your mouse once step 1 is completed.
3. Go to the menu and find (New).
4. Once you're in the (New) menu , you should then click the AutoHotKey Script.
5. Assign a new name to the script.
6. After you find the new file that you have created, right click it.
7. Edit the script and you will immediately notice a window containing a notepad that pops up.
8. You can now be able to copy the script below and paste it.

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
;#Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ;Recommended fornewscripts due toits superior speed andreliability.
SetWorkingDir%A_ScriptDir%  ;Ensuresaconsistent starting directory.
;remapping"normal"number keys tomake them
;behave like numpad numbers
;using the"Appskey"toturn on/off remapping code

how to change contorls in nba 2k16

9. Visit the default keyboard controls for you to be able to change your controls at ease.
10. On the left side, put the keys you desire and on the right side , put the default controls of your keyboard.
11. You can also assign new keys like assigning sprint to the right shift.
12. Save the script and right click on it so as to run the script.
13. A green H will be highlighted in the icon tray.
14. You can now play the game with your new controls.

It is worth noting down that the NumLock should be on when you're using the script. For more tips about nba 2k16 and nba 2k16 coins servcie come to!

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