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About Lineage2 Revolution Blue Diamonds

Lineage2 Revolution Blue Diamonds is a kind of virtual premium currency used in game. There are two types of Diamonds in Lineage 2: Revolution: Blue Diamonds and Red Diamonds. Red Diamonds can be obtained throughout the in-game by completing certain activities while Lineage2 Revolution Blue Diamonds are bought with real-money from Lineage 2: Revolution in-game existing stores. With a certain amount of Blue Diamonds players can buy in-game items or bundles from shop in Lineage 2: Revolution, which will also award them with Points as bonus. The trading post is the only means players can get L2R diamonds that can buy players High Grade Equipment used to raise their Combat Power of character. However, after figuring out all the use of Lineage 2 diamonds there is still one problem: any other way to get L2R diamonds easier and faster? We assume that the most convenient means is to buy Lineage 2 blue diamonds from online store like mmorog, which is the most reliable shop offering player the cheapest price and fastest delivery among all diamonds selling market. Mmorog take price and delivery into consideration.