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FIFA Coins PS3/PS4 Comfort Trade

With this method, we need to login your game account then transfer coins you want with our Transaction System directly. Please do not login your account during the transaction until we finish coins transfer. We will inform you via Email. if you have linked your account to your Email, Phone or Credit Card, please first to turn off or remove the connection. Or we can not login to transfer coins to your account. For Comfort Buy, Please make sure your New Items List and Transfer List is Empty, you can send the player cards to your club you have to have at least 500 coins on your account. We offer fifa 17 comfort trade service here.
1.Please Turn Off the Login Verification:
Go to - Log in with your Origin Account/PSN Account. Click: My Account - Privacy Settings - Security - Turn Off 'Login Verification'.
2.Please Delete Billing Information:
Go to - Sign in with your PSN Account. Click: Account Management - Account - Billing Information - Delete.