Madden 21 Franchise Update: Previewing The Next Stage Of Improvement

The second of three planned stages to improve Madden’s franchise mode is set to land in mid-January. While some could argue EA shouldn’t be playing catch-up with its franchise mode at this point, the publisher has kept its promise as it pertains to the response to the #FixMaddenFranchise initiative.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the second update, but before we do that, let’s recap the first patch that landed in November.When the specifics of the updates were initially rolled out, I admit I was very underwhelmed. While I’m still not floored by what EA has done for franchise mode in Madden 21 to this point, I can see the foundation being laid for something that could be significant in Madden 22.

November Update Recap
Dev Trait Regression Tuning
Everyone’s idea of appropriate levels of player regression is different in a franchise mode.

Some people want things to mirror exactly what they see in the NFL, others want a sprinkle of reality, and others desire a free-for-all where players remain at top form like Super Saiyans their entire career.NBA 2K’s superior MyNBA franchise mode had a attribute regression issue this year, which was quickly fixed, but still that’s an example of how important this component can be.